Internships and Workshops

Technical Education plays a pivotal role in development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of its people.

Hence, the impulse pf imparting technical training to the novice students paves the way for this exigent development and training and workshop are held to make them industry ready.

As per the norms of AICTE, Institute provides various training and workshop sessions for the students which keeps them on their toes, right since their sophomore year. Catering to the need of present scenario, institute provides the desired certified courses on up-to-the minute technical topics.

Trainings conducted for the session 2016-17:>

Sr.No. Branch Year Topic Name
  Civil Engg. 2nd   Statpro
  Civil Engg. 3rd  Proe
  Computer Sc. Engg. 2nd LINUX
  Computer Sc. Engg. 3rd Data Analysis
  Electrical Engg. 2nd PLC/SCADA
  Electrical Engg. 3rd PLC/SCADA
  Electronics Engg. 2nd VHDL
  Electronics Engg. 3rd IOT
  Mechanical Engg 2nd Solid Works
  Mechanical Engg 3rd Catia
  Information Tech. 2nd Networking
  Information Tech. 3rd   Networking

 Trainings to be conducted for the session 2017-18:

S.No Branch Year Topic Name
  Civil Engg. 2nd   AutoCAD
  Civil Engg. 3rd  3Ds MAX
  Computer Sc. Engg. 2nd Android App Development
  Computer Sc. Engg. 3rd Machine Learning
  Electrical Engg. 2nd MATLAB & Programming
  Electrical Engg. 3rd & Programming and Power Factory (DigSILENT)
  Electronics Engg. 2nd VLSI
  Electronics Engg. 3rd IOT
  Mechanical Engg 2nd CATIA v5
  Mechanical Engg 3rd ANSYS
  Information Tech. 2nd Networking with LINUX Security
  Information Tech. 3rd   Cloud Computing

Workshops Conducted in the past 10 years:

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Seminars/Conferences Conducted in the past 10 years:

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