Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

  • Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

List of HOD's

  • Dr. R.P.Tripathi(18/02/2019- onwards)
  • Dr. L.U.B.Pandey
  • Dr. A.K.Singh
  • Dr. V.V.Saran
  • Dr. A.K.Singh
  • Dr. R.S.Gupta
  • Dr. C.L.Yadav
  • Dr. R.S.Gupta
  • Dr. V.K.Kapoor
  • Dr. Neeraj Chaubey

The Applied Sciences and Humanities Department is an allied department which serves as a bedrock for the engineering departments of the Institute. The department takes care of core subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Professional communications. The department has competent and knowledgeable faculty and well equipped laboratories.

News & Events

  • Currently no latest Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is available.
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